Appleton Capital AB focuses on finding investment opportunities and helping corporate owners to invest in world class corporations just before IPO or trade sale. Corporate investors are offered high tax free return and a short duration of 1 to 3 years. We scrutinize the target companies in many ways, e.g. legal due diligence by a lawfirm. We always ask the target company's main owner or CEO to present the investment opportunity on video. Usually we perform a Q&A on video as well, in which we ask all the most important questions from an investor's viewpoint. Appleton Capital always co-invest (usually in millions of SEK) with our clients. 

Our daughter company Appleton Advisers AB has been focuses on listed investment products (e.g. funds). 
We have currently less focus on the product offering from our subsidiary Appleton Advisers AB incorporated 2011 and established in 2009, because of the large demand for the products from Appleton Capital. Historically Appleton Advisors have worked a lot with financial advisory and listed financial products.

During the first European wave of covid-19 in early 2020 we had fewer physical meeting at our office so we worked closely & successfully with the Greek government for a few months supplying them with personal protective equipment (PPE) used by intensive care units at hospitals and by the customs. We were also behind one of the largest orders of PPE to Sweden ever. We did this via our Appleton Care division ( 

Appleton Capital AB is a partner with Stockholm School of Economics, and member of for example American Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce, The Swedish Royal Motorboat Club, The Old Town Yacht Club, The Royal Thames Yacht Club (world's oldest yacht club), The Swedish Royal Automotive Club, The Swedish Big Society (Sällskapet), HATT et SÖNER, Djursholms Country Club and Appleton Capital AB is 5%-owner of the equity in the private membership club Noppes which has a select group of 12 shareholders.