The mother company Appleton Capital AB focuses on issuing non-listed bonds and preference shares to sophisticated and selective investors whereas the daughter company Appleton Advisers AB focuses on listed investment products (e.g. funds). There is a chinese wall between these two companies since they act under different legal frameworks.

Appleton Capital offers attractive and unique investment products to a select group of investors. Our role is to link investors to the most attractive investment products from the Swedish investment market & real estate arena. We focus heavily on Swedish fast growing tech companies and real-estate-related products with the following characteristics: 

  • Return of +10-15%/year on individual bond & preference share issues. We tend to offer tax free return to corporate investors
  • Max 60-65% loan-to-value (LTV) in accordance to current bank terms to offer safety on the downside. We focus on very complex (because there is less competition there) and the most attractive tech companies and real estate projects with a significant upside. That significant upside further minimizes the risk for our investors. One of our latest tech companies is among the fastest growning companies in Sweden and has 0% loan-to-value so low risk from that perspective
  • Our bonds & preference shares are usually backed by successful growth companies and existing cashflow properties located in the city centre of larger cities such as Stockholm and Uppsala. We also like smaller cities close to Stockholm-Uppsala like Knivsta as long as our properites are located in or close to the city centre and the train station. More than 25% of the inhabitants in Sweden are living in the Stockholm-Uppsala area and we like to be close to our investments in order to monitor them easily
  • Our investment properties are often leased on long-term contracts (i.e.s 5 years) to a highly credit worthy tenant such as a municipality
  • We offer short durations of 0.5-2 years which is quite unique and which some investors prefer. We have of course also longer duration products of 3-5 years targeted for investors with a long investment horizon 
  • Partnership with some of the most experienced (+50 years of experience) and relatively large (e.g. SEK 10 billion in assets) real estate players and the most experienced tech entrepreneurs
  • No risk exposure to Appleton Capital AB or other investment projects since all bonds & preference share are done as separate entitites

We have currently less focus on the product offering from our subsidiary Appleton Advisers AB incorporated 2011 and established in 2009, because of the large demand for the products from Appleton Capital. Historically Appleton Advisors have worked a lot with financial advisory and financial products such as warrants, listed bonds, autocallables, funds, etc.   

Appleton Capital AB is member of for example American Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce, The Swedish Royal Motorboat Club, The Old Town Yacht Club, The Swedish Royal Automotive Club, The Swedish Big Society (Sällskapet), Stockholm Wine Cellar Grappe, etc.