As of 9th of March 2021, we have changed the passwords to the products on the left.
If you are an investor and would like to have access to these, please contact us. 

Investors who have invested in specific investment could click to the left and use their personal password in order to access basic information about the investment and news updates

Note that all information is highly classified. Owners of corporations and real estate are attracted to Appleton Capital since:

(1) we promise them an amount of capital & we deliver results

(2) we handle all contacts with individual investors since they have 100% of their focus on their business and deliver results to investors

(3) we promise them secrecy since we do not demand them to publish all details about their corporations on the internet for the general public, competitors and for future buyers to watch. 



Appleton Capital AB provides unlisted investments. Since Appleton Capital AB has companies within the Group that work with listed investments under the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority such as Appleton Advisers AB, it is important to inform the client which company provides the advice and that the client signs an affirmation paper that it is completely understood which company is providing the specific advice in each instance. This is entirely according to Swedish rules & regulations and advice given by Björn Wendleby, Managing Partner at Harvest Advokatbyrå and seen by many as the best compliance lawyard in Sweden.